A downloadable Flashcard App for Windows

I want to learn a language and I think Rosetta Stone's picture to word association system is good so I recreated it. With this program you can drop files into a "Resources" folder, next to the executable and it will use the name of the file and the files content as a question/ answer pair. It will then present you with the questions (the names of the files) and give you a choice between all the answers (the file contents) you've seen so far.

If you answer incorrectly, you will see that question more often. If you answer correctly, you will see that question less often. Simple stuff. Your results are saved between uses and you can add the following file types to the resources folder:

wav, png, txt

If you have a file type you want supported, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

If you put your files in subfolders in the Resources directory, it groups them together as a single lesson. You will only see questions from one lesson at a time. The first lesson will always be any loose files in the Resources folder if there are any, otherwise it goes through all the subfolders alphabetically. Sub-subfolders are ignored.


Resources/firstQuestion.txt will be asked before Resources/FirstLesson/firstQuestion.txt while Resources/AAA/firstQuestion.txt will be asked before the latter and after the former.

As you can see, dividing questions into lessons lets you use the same question (file name) twice but have a different answer. This is useful if you are using images and you want to show multiple images of an object but refer to them all by the same name.

Published Sep 13, 2017
Tagsflashcards, language, learn, memory

Install instructions

It's an exe. You can run it right after downloading. You'll want to make a "Resources" folder and populate it before you begin though. It doesn't have any built in content.


The People's Rosetta Stone 344 kB
Example Resources folder (toki pona) 29 MB